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Is A Guarantor Loan The Right Option For Me?

Because you can't get an unsecured personal loan on your own.

Just find yourself a guarantor with a good or fair credit history (usually over 21)

Your guarantor can be a family member, work colleague or friend, who is over 21 years old with a better history than yours, they do not need to own their own home

Nothing to apply, but interest rates are usually higher than an ordinary personal loan, though less than a payday loan.

It depends on the lender. There is a wide range of products available to suit all needs. But the less you borrow and the shorter the period the easier it will be to service the repayments.

Your guarantor will have to make the payments for you

The lender can instigate debt recovery proceedings

No, most lenders do not charge any fees for processing the loan.

You could get into a worse financial situation if you borrow too much and could further damage your credit rating if you and your guarantor fail to make payments on time.

Yes, if you keep up the repayments

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