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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk



  • Usually cheaper than car finance deals in the showroom
  • When you have repaid the loan the car belongs to you
  • Secured and unsecured options are available
  • You need a good credit score and to prove your income
  • You usually need to put down a deposit
  • The car may be repossessed if you can’t keep up repayments
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Is A Car Loan (Trade) The Right Option For Me?

Yes you can. It doesn't have to be new.

No. So you pay the same amount each month for the duration of the loan.

On the whole, you will probably get the money within 3-5 days though some lenders might be a little quicker.

There are fixed monthly payments which allow you to manage your monthly budget. You will also be able to sell the car and pay off the debt at any time should you need to do so.

With a personal loan you find the car, and get finance from a lender. When you use car trade brokers, you get matched with the best deal and also help you find the right car.

With car finance loans you can shop around to find the best deal. It is usually cheaper than other forms of car finance and you own the car from the start rather than hiring it. At the end of the loan you have nothing to pay rather than having to pay a balance or trade it in.

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